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by Mayheem

The ballsack neck and grandma titties were overall the best. I dont think she would be the best at smooth bj's doe with dem teeth #sche...



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I love Cotton candy soda

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#WTF - Jontron Gif by FlamingKatBlast


For my fellow human amigo, superawesomeutlraman. Isn't it beautiful?
Sexy Spoop Sexy Spoop Sexy Spoop 
Cotton reference sheet


Full Name: Jade Shipman

Meaning of name: N/A

Nickname(s): Cutie.

Creepypasta Name: Cotton

How Did They Get This Name and Why: Cotton=Cotton candy (read backstory)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Date of Birth: November 6th 2002

Place of Birth: Michigan

Race/Species: Human, German, Scottish, and french Canadian. 

Native language: English

Languages spoken: English

Orientation/Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Religion: Clownism (actual religion… )

Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): Student

Date of Disappearance: October 31st 2016

Place of Disappearance: Fairgrounds


Blood type: AB-

Mental Disorders:
APD: Antisocial personality disorder, A.K.A Sociopathy. Lack of empathy, Narcissism, Cynical, manipulation, and superficial charm. 

Hyperactive Delirium:Reduced awareness in environment, cognitive impairment, behavior changes, and emotional disturbances

sundown syndrome: Restlessness, confusion and personality changes as natural light fades away, and agitation and mood swings.

Phobia(s): Abandonment

Allergies: N/A

Habits: Pacing

Powers/Special Abilities: Anti gravity/wall crawling


Height: 5'4

Weight: 120 lb

Hair color: Black

Hairstyle: Poofy and messy down to mid back

Eye color: Black

Piercings: N/A

Tattoos: N/A

Scars/Weird Marking(s): Scar from belly button to crotch.

Body type: large thighs and hips. Flat chested.

Skin: White 

Clothing/Style: Clownish, and lots of stripes.

Jewelry/Accessories: suspenders

Scent: Bloody, Gutty, and slight vomit .

Weapon(s): Mallet and gerber machete

Physical Disorder/Disability: N/A

Never Seen Without: Stripes


Overall: She can be very malicious and sadistic when killing, and can be very manipulative and raunchy towards other pastas. She has a very dark/offensive sense of humor and some people tend to dislike her because of this.

Likes: Cheap magic tricks, Aerials (rings, trapeze, and silks), carnival food, Men, Clowns, stuffed animals, and shy people.

Dislikes: Feminists, water, Other females who oppose her, not being in control, Humanity, and serious people.

Hobbies: Murder, and Aerials.

Most Prized Possessions: Mallet and machete.

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, her anti gravity is incredibly faulty, she can fall randomly and sometimes it won't work at all. Flat chested. Religious objects are a weakness. poor depth perception. Obsessive.

Pet Peeve: Idiots

Worst Way To Die: Drowning
Best Way To Die: Torture

Worst Way To Kill: Gun, it's too quick and not satisfying.
Best Way To Kill (how they kill): Knocking out the victim then remove there teeth, tongue, eyes, fingernails, and insides.But in runaway situations use a machete.

Targets To Killing: Pretty much all of humanity.

Motto(s): "It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt.", and "It's all in good fun!"

Crush: N/A

Battle Song:…

Favorite Food(s): Any candy, Carnival food, cotton candy, elephant ears, caramel apples, snow cones, etc...

Favorite Holiday(s): Halloween
Favorite Place(s): Abandoned places and the woods.

 (Voice Actor/Actress): Me


Names: Happy, (ASK)

Names: The seductress, and humanity. (ASK)


Jade grew up in the middle of nowhere, she was homeschooled and only had her toys as friends. Then in the fifth grade her parents got divorced due to a affair. Her mom got re married and they moved. In middle school she finally found friends and realized she had an obsession with pain in others and herself. She cut for the pleasure of it and began to cut off eat parts of her flesh. The school found out about her cutting and her mother sent her to a counselor.
    She got into multiple physical altercations which ultimately resulted in her getting expelled in the early 8th grade. She got into trouble with the law and her parents finally decided to take her to a doctor.That's when they were made aware of her mental illness.She took medication that she hated and she would lie about really taking it.
                    Then that summer jade and her friends went to the county fair. Later when it got dark out jade split with the group to go get some food. When she returned to where she had left the group they were no where to be found. She spent the rest of the night searching the fairgrounds until all the lights when out and everything was closed. Just as hope seemed lost she found one of her friends scarf lying outside a pole barn. She pressed her ear up to the barn and heard the voices of her friends along with muffled screams. She quickly ran over to a closed carnival game and grabbed a mallet. She went back to the building and she heard a door swing open. A man came out, he was wearing an old dirty bloodstained clown mask and torn old sweaty clothes. He spotted jade and he started to run towards her. Jade swung the mallet hitting him and sending him flying into the ground. She started to kick and beat him until he was knocked out and bleeding. She let out a soft giggle and continued to creep to the entrance of the building. She came into the barn and laid her eyes upon what could only be described as a sea of blood. Her friends were chained to the wall, slit open, and in a mangled mess. 
      The room was filled with a group of at least five men each one had there own clown masks. One stocky man turned and met jades fear stricken eyes. "Look at what we got here." He said in a deep sadistic voice. The rest of them turned. Jade let out a worried laugh. She turned around into a sprint. 
"Get your ass back here!" A man yelled. She didn't care she was just focused on escaping with her life. Then she felt something yank her hair and she was immediately swung over a shoulder.He tore the mallet away from her and tossed it to the ground. "You really shouldn't try that again, because next time you won't be so lucky."  The man informed in a grim tone. He brought her back into the barn and slammed her onto the concrete floor. She opened her eyes and all five of the men were circled around her and staring down at her. "What's you're name sweetheart?" One man in a Pennywise mask asked seductively. The man next to him let out a chuckle. "Jade" She spoke boldly. "well I suppose she needs a better name then that, right?" The man in the pennywise mask asked. "Cutie?" A man in a Twisty mask asked.
"Bimbo you always come up with the most shit names Iv'e ever heard." The Pennywise man scolded bimbo for being such a fucking retard. "How bout' Cotton?" A tall man in a pierrot clown mask asked. "Why on ear-" The pennywise man was cut off by bimbo."She has some cotton candy left over on her shirt." Bimbo completed. "oh. Cotton it is. Welcome to the family! My name is Chocko." The man in the pennywise mask introduced himself.
     Jade was already beyond confused. Were these men going to kill her or keep her as like some sort of sick adopted child. "A-Aren't you going to kill me?" Jade asked. All the men began to laugh. "Of course! But we want to keep you for a while first. You could be of use to us judging by the fact of how good of a job you did at bashing are buddies brains out!" Chocko laughed. 
       They chained her up to the wall where her friends were murdered and kept her chained barely feeding her. When they did feed her it was mostly the carnival food. One day they made her bash a five year old girl to death. After a few weeks of her continuesly doing 'dirty work' for these carnies they started becoming a bit more leaniate with her. At night when the carnival was closed they unchained her to let her walk around with them. Jade began to use manipulation in order to try and gain more trust. But the more trust she started to receive the more rape she started to receive. Finally one day when they left her alone unchained she grabbed chocko's machete and ran from the fairground all the way to home. Luckily the police were cooperative but they never found the clown men, so they started to think that jade was the one who killed her friends. When she went back to school in September the taunting she received was relentless. Every teacher and student was convinced that she did it.

That fall jade wanted to work at a local haunted attraction known as "screams in the dark". Her parents strangely allowed this and she began to work there. She worked a job in the clown part of the attraction.. She began to use the attraction as a escape and she started to fall deeper into her insanity. She began to realize just scaring people wasn't enough for her.  The more she began to work there the more she realized some of her co workers were wearing the exact masks that her kidnappers had worn.She dismissed the thought until one day a man in a pennywise mask approached her,"I've missed you sweetheart...".  Every night She started to hear voices and have hallucinations. Finally on the last night, Halloween night she snapped. She began to kill off tons of her friends, people and workers. By the time the police arrived she was no where to be found, and she hasn't been seen sense.

Creepypasta story WIP:

    Hello, my name is amanda. I have felt pressured to tell this story but, I feel she will find me if I do. I have locked all my windows and doors so this should be a good time to tell.

    It all started last fall, october was ending and all my friends were stuck in the halloween mood. We heard of a local haunted attraction known as “Screams in the dark”. It was famous for being one of the scariest things to do on halloween in our area, so naturally my friends wanted to go. But the real reason why they wanted to go was because the attraction is closed on halloween. Why? Because a few years ago a girl went crazy there, she was kidnapped by a bunch of clowns that worked there and she ended up killing them and a bunch of other people. no one has seen her sense. So now they close the attraction on halloween in case she ever comes back. Even though I hated horror related things they managed to convince me to go. On halloween night at 11:00 we set off to the fairgrounds that the attraction was located at. Of course I didn’t really believe anything would actually happen. For god sakes she was a 14 years old, she’s probably dead by now. My friends are just gonna get bored in an hour and we’ll leave.

    We were driving for a good 20 minutes and everything just grew darker and it seemed we were driving out into the middle of nowhere. Until a small streetlight came into view along with the sign “Screams in the dark”. We pulled down the long dirt road until we met a pole barn.

    I stepped out of the car and the chill air engulfed me. My feet crunched down on the dead leaves that littered the dark ground. The sky was cloudy and black, and you could hear the wind whistling through the tree’s. Fog was everywhere. My three friends followed me out of the car. Matt, John, and Josie. We stared at the gate to the fairgrounds, barbed wire topped the fence. Luckily Matt brought pliers.

    We slowly walked up to the fence, making sure there was no one else there with us.

“Johnathan turn on the flashlight.”, Matt whispered holding the cold pliers in his hands. He started tearing away at the fence. Once he was was finished we began to slowly crawl our way through the tight hole. The sharp metal scraped my arm as I came through leaving a small scratch.

Once we were in we truly noticed how creepy the place could be at night. The eerie silence, the empty trail. We took a moment just to stand there and take it all in.

“Maybe we should just walk a little down the trail, then come back and leave.” Josie piped in through the silence.

Matt turned to her with a frown,”No way, we’re staying here at least till two. I just didn’t break that fence for nothing.” He argued.

“B-but I don’t think this is a very good idea, lets just go…” Josie responded.

No.” Matt said coldly as he turned to start walking down the trail.

I followed along with Matt. Josie stood there, “Fine then! I’ll be in the car!” She yelled.

“Bye biotch” John sneered. I gave him a punch to the shoulder telling him to knock it off. He responded with a chuckle.

We continued walking down the trail, I turned back and I couldn’t see where we had came in because of the heavy fog. I started to feel more and more scared till I found myself clutching onto John’s arm. Then we met a large pole barn… The entire front side of it pitch black and it was nearly impossible to find an entrance until John turned on his flashlight.

“Ready?”  Matt asked with a smile. Me and john gave a nervous nod. We stepped in, nothing was visible. It was a pitch black maze. We stepped our way through, feeling the walls for direction. After about five minutes we found our way out.

“Maybe that girl’s just scared of us. Come on out Cotton!” Matt teased and yelled. “Cotton?” Johnathan asked.

“Yeah that was the name her friends gave her.”


More cotton?…

If you don't like her you can drink my piss
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